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Thank you Sir Devorre!

It is going to be a year since you came to my room and changed my life for the better. I cannot even count on how many occasions you helped me, always support me, been there for me. Without you my move to Czech would not be possible. You are my legend, my friend, the pussy punisher and Domi master. I am so lucky I met you and I just want you to know I will never forget the things you done for me!

Also thank you to my boys from the Science Squad (Jokerjo, Mastamike, HDDVD, Devorre and Animal)! It was the best times on camera I ever had... Even my pussy hates you lol I am so happy I got the chance to be part of this experiment :D

Not sure if you realise how much your presence in my Cb room had impact on my life but I can ensure you I would never make it without you !

Thank you my boys always yours Natali x

PS: Thanks to Sir Devorre I got now ! How awesome is that?  

4 Days of Cumdiet!

it happened again my sexy people! You put me on cum diet and this time for full 4 days! When I realised what happened I wanted to cry … the last time it was a struggle and it was only 2 days.. Don't give me wrong I love it but also it makes me worry. I remember the hunger, the thirst and how hard it was to ged a meal from strangers on the Tinder.

It was my b-day show when we got me on to a cum diet and it was epic night! I knew I have to go on Tinder immediately. I just moved I do not have here anyone who I could I ask to feed me. So after I my show I got thirsty but I can have only cup of water a day. I really do not enjoy drinking my pee but I have no choice... oh this part is very hard for me.. the taste is so strong, but I have to commit to my task. I am a little cum slut so let's do this! .. no matter what.

I managed to get some matches on my Tinder profile and everything was going kind of well.. even that the hunger already began. I was trying to rest, smoke instead of food and keep looking for my next dinner. I knew I have to be the best whore possible to close some deals so I can least get my nourishment.

Unfortunately one of these guys stepped outside my comfort zone and found me on different platform. It freaked me out a bit and I realised I will have to change my phone and keep safe. So I asked my fans if I should continue or reset once I have my new phone. The votes were loud and clear... start again! Damn I was already half way through … oh my this is going to be hard but I shall prove myself and be a good girl..

So back to day #1 .. already hungry and more desperate than before.. quickly made a new profile and started again. Back to drinking my body liquids and get my game on. I could not find a date for that night but I close one for the next day. Made me really happy and something to look forward. I did my cam show even that only thing I was surviving was my pee and bit of water. My fans were proud of me how well I am handling it.

Next day (day #2) I was just counting minutes before I get to eat some sweet warm cum. Getting so hungry so desperate, I needed that mouthful.. needed all the mouthfuls! I survived the day, trying to sleep it off and make sure I have energy for that night. I put myself together, put on sexy dress with big cleavage, ready to get some dinner out of that cock... tonight we serve Greek.. bet he taste good.

I came to his empty flat he was already playing some sexy music.. I knew he is a sure deal.. did not take long and I was on my knees sucking out my dinner. There is nothing better then really hungry whore trying to get that treat. He came so hard in my mouth and I was so happy … still hungry but happy. When he recovered we played a bit more and I got myself a second load. Oh yes makes me proud what a good cum-bucket I am.

Day #3 exhausted, hungry, thirsty and no sight of any nourishment. It is getting harder and harder I am dizzy I feel sick.. I need to sleep and make sure I can push through to another day. Trying to stay strong for you guys but my body and mind are truly struggling. But my mood significantly improved when I find out I will be having dinner next day. I will make it, I will not give up I will be the best whore I can be.. just for your entertainment!

The final day #4 ! Oh fuck yes I am almost there.. I going to set my record today! Even the hunger was real and my belly was spasming and my throat was dry I try to push as hard I can … and sleep through the long hours before my dinner time. Tonight was my last chance to be proper little cum slut and get some cum load from a stranger. Tonight I will taste Brazilian cuisine :P hmm cannot wait bet he taste exotic. Get myself pretty and get my hoe on. We met, we talk and he was so sweet. But I needed to get him from sweet to naughty.. Start giving him a slight signals, getting closer to him.. he had no idea how desperate I was to get in his pants. Once we start kissing I knew I am going to taste him tonight. Naughty little whore go this sweet boy just where she needed him. Throw him on bed get his pants of and wrapped my magical hungry mouth around his cock.. Sucking him, fucking him making sure that the final load is going to be in my dirty mouth! I fucking did it! I got my dinner and it is almost the end of a challenge.. could not make it back in time to see my boys on cam.. to tell them all about it.. but at least I make it through all the odds. I am the Ultimate Cumslut!

It was lots of struggle but also excitement thank you all my dirty boys for the support. It was my dirty dream to be controlled in such a ways and I am glad it entertains you and you enjoying it with me. I want to be the whore that makes your fantasies real I want to be your dirty little secret and I want prove I am not just another one of many! I want to be yours ;) x


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The never-ending Nightmare


I am broke again!

What is my life? This cannot be happening again..

Earlier this year Payoneer closed down. That meant that I lost some of my platforms and earnings and Paxum had to change their system of payouts. I was without money for 3 months just before I was planning to move out from the UK.

Yesterday I try to withdraw some money and my card did not work. This morning I find out that my card does not exist in a system. I tried to contact Paxum but no one is answering. Panic is taking over me right now. I have some change left in my pocket. that is me back at the bottom.

If you can help me please send some crypto currency here:

BTC Wallet: 3PxC3MKfLkQsuACye5mJhEuaa3oaWywUKo

BHC Wallet: qzzvgm98m5mhvlxhpmcf98gz6l7xkgr7yquur56mmh

ETC Wallet: 0x88f4017E46A4a95FF66fdaEEe1de21194A517703

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Motherf*ckers Robbed Me!

When I was moving back to Czech I spent most of my savings on transferring my stuff from the UK to Czech Republic. My whole life was on that pallets. When I arrived to Brno my pallets start arriving to my new place. I discovered that not only they destroyed some of my boxes, my TV and one of the PC and they also robbed me!

They took my xbox one, PS 4, Toaster!, PC screen and who knows what else.. I was heartbroken my life is again falling apart and I am not even sure how to handle it. I had my insurance I had pictures as a proof but the company was ignoring every attempt that I try to get hold of them. I reported this to the police obviously but I am broke and half of my belongings are gone.

So that is a shitty start to my new life in Czech guys! Hope you can help me out and check out my amazon wish-list  or help me on cash app. I will truly appreciate it my sexy people x

Back In Czech!

 the studio

Finally I made it my beautiful people! I am back in my homeland after all these years and I am really thankful to my amazing fans as without you I would be still stuck between a rock and a hard place in the UK. Do not get me wrong I am going to miss a few people and things it is a big change. Over the years lots of changed and I am a different person now. But I know I can make it happen here and with the support of my family and friends in Czech.

I have now my own studio to broadcast from and make videos in. It is sound proof and almost water proof. I still do not have my furniture, my floor is not perfect and my walls need some water proof coat. But I am close to make that room useable. Please if you can help me to get my studio into better condition check my amazon wish-list rewards for your support are guaranteed. You can also sent me a financial help by cashapp (£xnaughtynatalix ).

I cannot wait to finish my studio and house and start doing my full on shows and make more and more videos for my fans. You know I love being your dirty slut and entertainer! Thank you all my fans that support me and enjoy what I do.



Natali is Coming back home!


As you may know I am about to return back to my home country the Czech Republic. I was trying to move back for several years but there was always something in my way that did not allow me to do so. Finally I am reaching this dream and I am so close to it I can touch it.

Few months ago life hit me hard and I could not access my money from my American bank. This caused me to fall behind on bills getting charge additional fees and atc. I almost lost the house in the UK and really put me in difficult situation.

I want to ask you my dear fans for help and support so I do not have to delay my move anymore and finally have my dream studio that allows me to stream more often and scream louder than before lol.

Please check my video stores, treat yourself with some naughty videos made by me ;) also Check my wishlist on Amazon and come to play with me on my live shows.

Thank you for your love and support

Your favourite whore, Natali  xxx

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Cum diet challenge – I did it!!!

Cum Diet Challenge


As you may know I hit the cum diet challenge goal on the 12 th of March at 3:10am on Chaturbate. It was night full of torture with Domi. We hit over  15,000 tokens on one night so you can imagine what a wild ride that was. I knew I am fucking screwed there is no coming back from this I have to do 2 days of cum diet no matter what… plus my pussy feels like crisp bacon :D

Once the show finished I realized how thirsty I am and only way to get decent mouth full was actually pee in my mug. It wasn’t as satisfying as I thought but it got me through tiding the room and myself. I was already, so hungry as I did not eat properly the day before so I decided to just sleep it off.

A couple of hours later I woke up even hungrier and thirstier than before. Went in the bathroom peed in my cup to make it little bit better - it was nasty!  I was so desperate I already contacted one of the guys from Tinder if he could help me out. He said yes quite excitedly so I went to put my face on. I was about to leave and he texted back that he cannot make it today. That was heartbreaking for me as I was already feeling the lack of energy and it was Monday so I had to try to come on Chaturbate and make the show happened and update the boys on how I am getting on. Luckily my friend was willing to come around and feed my desperate whore mouth. He also helped me to fill bottles with body liquids so I could survive the night.

It was time to get on cam. Felling brave one cum shot in me and bottles of pee to keep me hydrated. The boys did toy with me whole night, Domi was making my body spasm so hard and I felt I am getting more and more exhausted. They were talking of making my diet last longer that they will hit another 10 00K. I was terrified I already suffering I cannot imagine go another 48 hours like this. At the end of the night I escaped from it but it was very close call. Exhausted, hungry and thirsty I went off to bed hoping to get least mouth full of cum.

Cum Diet 2

The Next morning I woke up had a cup of nasty, couple of cigarettes and desperately waited for my phone to buzz. I knew I cannot give up I am so close, 15,000tk is lots of money and I cannot disappoint my dirty boys, plus this was always on my bucket list to prove I am good cum whore so I have to do this! In the afternoon I got message from the guy from Tinder and I was so happy. Yay I get to feed today! I put my face on waited for the time to be confirmed, took my camera and went to the bus stop. I arrived there around 8pm and waited for the stranger who will feed me tonight. He was running a bit late and I was really suffering as I needed to drink but how to do that when I am in public.


Finally he arrived and I was so happy to see him. I need it a cock in my mouth throbbing out that sweet cum giving me energy for the rest of the night. When I told him about this challenge he laughed he did not believe I would actually do that. Well you have no idea what kind of hoe I am :D We were walking next to the woods finally we found a walk path to turn in to the dark. I asked him if he can hold the camera while I am sucking him and then I dropped on my knees. Hungry frustrated so ready get some cock I start struggling with his belt. Finally I got to the treat. His cock was so hard and soft smelled so good I just couldn’t resist. I start swallowing him down, suck oh him, lick his balls being good little slut to get my reward. He was loving it I bet hungry whore does it the better :P Than I felt the spamming the liquid yum yum filling my mouth I was so happy I wished it would not stop that I could suck everything out of those balls. Happy cum slut achieved her goal. He was bit shaking looking so happy hope he can fill that mouth again soon. We said bye to each other and went our separate ways. When I came home I made little video about my wires from my wish list looking destroyed and feeling dizzy. Had my last dirty cup of piss and went to sleep for a bit… thinking what a good little Cum Whore I was! So proud of myself.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this experience and who made it happened. This was something I always wanted to do and even it was hard AF I stand by my reputation and gave you my all! If you want to see my cum challenge videos you can find them on Enjoy you filthy boys!

Brrrr … its cold outside

Hey my sexy peeps! So, if you were lucky, you may have had a chance to go play in the snow. I know I did! What else is there to do but going outside in the wet, white snow … naked :pI mean it so pretty I couldn’t resist.

So, when the snow was thick and heavy, I got a call from a photographer I work with and he was like SNOW SHOOT! How could I possibly say no? It was super liberating and just a little bit nippy having my bare breast, ass and well everything exposed to the cold weather. Take a peek at one of my fav shots: 

I love the way the snow felt falling on my naked chest, how hard my nipple got in the icy cold. I also love how the photos look with me bring naked but warring my big winter coat. I think it super sexy and hope you do too.

Maybe next time I should get some big black now boots too? We spent hours getting all sorts of shots and I was getting really excited and just wanted play with all the snow, I like the way it turned all wet in my hands.

Hope you guys all had fun you can find more picture from my snow day shoot HERE.

Natali xxx

The Cum Diet Challenge


The cum diet challenge.

If in any show I reach 10,000k total tokens the challenge starts and basically I can consume only liquids that come out of a human being and no other food. In short I have to live on cum and squirt etc. at 10k tokens in a show it starts at 1 day. And a day is added for every 5,000 additional tokens, I will vlog my struggle and do my best to get as much cum as I can from people on tinder etc.

The videos created during the cum diet challenge will be uploaded to manyvids and yezz clips depending on how nasty they are.

So if you want to see a real whore, try a cum diet challenge then tip in the Chaturbate show, every token gets us one step closer, I take what I do very seriously, and I will do this if the goals are met.

I was intrigued about the idea of a cum diet after a number of tumblr blogs were talking about how amazing it is, I checked to see if it was safe, it is, but it is intense, I want to try it but I want your encouragement, so come join me and tip to set the challenge.

For safety reasons the longest I will attempt this diet in one go is 14 days.

Fucking Machine

Hello you naught lot. Today I am Introducing the new toy on the block …

The bigger bang? It most certainly is. Me my new super sex toy:The Bigger Bang Rotating and Thrusting Sex Machine – maybe I should give it a nick name. Any ideas?

I’ve so enjoyed getting intimate with this beast of machine. We have been getting to know each other very well and it is just so dame sexy.

This thing is just incredible. It’s big, sleek and hard and it is livening up my shows for sure and boy is it getting me all worked up between the thighs. You may have already been lucky enough to see this thing in action in one of my live shows, if you have you know what this machine can do. This beast can thrust (oh can it thrust) deep into me and it canrotate at the same time for extra enjoyment, yours and mine. And I just love it and the way it makes me feel.

It so hot the way it feels inside me, riding it, clenching it with my thighs. I’ll even give it a good fuck with my mouth is your naughty enough (How naughty will you be? - 1000 tokens is 5 minute of fucking and 1500 tokens is 5 minute of face fucking)

So, tune into one of my live shows here if you want to see this bad boy in action. I promise I will get all hot and sweaty… and you might just too.

Check out my fucking machine videos on my many vids store here.


Natali xxx