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The Natali Move Wishlist

So after a long 18 months of trying to build my home to return to the Czech republic, spending every spare penny i earn trying to get the house finished, there is still someway to go. I would love to be home in time for the summer so i can do some nice long shows in the SOUNDPROOF broadcast room (no more having to stop because of the neighbours).

I have a number of fans who would like other ways to support me i have been putting together a wish list (yes a third one) on delivery code this ones all about things that are needed to complete the construction at the moment its a big soundproof building in the middle of nowhere, with power on 1 floor and no heating so everything i can put on this list the builder needs will go on there and when purchased will be delivered directly to the site.

I will continue to pay every penny i can towards the build in the hope that i can be there in July and have some LONG LOUD shows with my fans, i might even have some special treats for people who buy from this list (free custom videos etc To be announced).

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