Over the last few months many of my fans have been watching my room get booted when i have been kicked for violating chaturbate "terms of service" on average there have been 300 - 400 people in my room each time this has happened, so a large number of witnesses each time that i have broken NO RULES.


In fact in fear that some of chaturbates rules were to grey, my show became very vanilla, losing the shibari people loved and less tit slapping thn we all used to enjoy. But it persisted. With reports of me VIOLATING RULES before i had even hit a goal, fully clothed talking to my followers and i was booted.

Well today, whoever has been filing these false reports against me finally won, i recieved a permanant ban from chaturbate. For the last 6 months chaturbate paid my rent, so thank you kind troll, i will think of you as i fight to keep my home!

But to every cloud there is a silver lining, and here it is. Im now doing skype shows on manyvids, 121 shows allowing you to interact with me directly, and for you to enjoy all the things i was saying no to while i was on Chaturbate ;) So you have an extreme request? (tie up my tits and slap them about) Or even a nice one (having a chat while enjoying a glass of wine), drop me a message on twitter or many vids, and order the show from my manyvids store. Its slightly cheaper than my Chaturbate was for a password show, its higher resolution and less restricted (i can even send you a HD copy of the footage).

I need to fill 3 hours a day with filthy shows, so contact me and let me know what you want, and watch me make your dream come true.

Natalis Manyvids Store

Please keep requests inside the bounds of the law, i ill not do anything illegal even in a private show.

Natalis 1080p Private skype shows