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My Second Shibari Shoot

I just had my second shibari shoot. . . I fucking love shibari.

The feeling of the rope against my skin really turns me on. Feeling powerless, knowing I cant get away, it's so sensual and its so arousing. I have cropped a few of the pictures from my first shoot for you to see just how sexy it is. Damn it sure feels sexy . . .

Sorry no explicit images on the blog as its publically available, but the full set of pics can be viewed in my Jasmin VIP club and a wide range of pics are available for my wishlist contributors. 

I really had fun, can't wait for the next one. 

NN xx


Shibari shoot 1

Shibari shoot 2

Signed Nudes for My Fans

So the wishlist is live! Hehehe you can send things to naughty natali if you feel like there seemthing I'm missing :p

I will be rewarding my sexy fans, if a parcel turns up from my wishlist from you i will send you a signed nude!

I dont share them publically so this is special and just for my benifactors :) would you like something else??? Tell me in the coments below or on twitter.

What you would like naughty natali to send you? 


NN xx

New Secret Gallery For Members

I have decided that twitter shouldnt be the only place you can get the pictures of all the sexy bitches i share. So I now have a sexy bitches gallery that's only for registered users.

Best of all it's free to register on!

But the sexy bitches catagory has an XXX rating and the nudity in it means it's memebrs only ;) Sexy bitches gallery will appear in gallery when you are logged in. Enjoy my loves :)

NN xxx

A Thorough Throat Fucking

Last Nights Show.

So last nights show was fun! I had a great time, where a very dominating guy took me to private and then forced me to throat fuck myself with a dildo for 37 Minutes!!!

Ramming My Throat!

He wouldnt tolerate me going easy on myself either. I had to ram it deep and hard into my throat again and gain, until I was gagging and drooling all over myself. By the end I was sitting in a puddle. My makeup had run down my face and lipstick smeared was everywhere. When I was done I have to go offline for a bit to fully recover and reapply my lipstick!

Today I have got up and my throught is so sore I dont think I will forget this encounter for a while. . . 

I wonder what will hapen in tonights show ;)

NN xxx


Weekend Shows and My Fan Club

So I've had alot of people ask me if i will be online Friday, Saturday and Sundays. The truth be told, most of the time I spend online i do free shows, which I love and I love my fans; so I like to be able to chat to them and spend time talking to all you sexy people :) But unfortunely that doesnt pay the bills! SO I have to do that whole boring day job thing and work at the weekends which prevents me from being able to be online 7 days a week (which i would love to do!!!). 


I love the sexy chat time online wiht you lovely people but I can be online more the more people take me to private ;) or just give me a little tip during my free chats. Hopefully over tiem I will need the other job  less and more time I can spend with all you!

I hope at some point I can Cam all month long and if you want me to, you can help me out by joining my fan club.  

In my fan club you will get:

Exclusive nude and topless pictures

Exclusive nude and explicit videos

Exlusive attention on chat

Exclusive emoticons for chat

Extra award points

and half price emoticons!!!

Sound good? I'd love to see you in My fan Club it will amke me feel very good and hopefully I can retun the feeling ;p 

Im trying to do a photoshoot every week so I can upload new images for your enjoyment. I'm also aiming to do a new free video and am explicit fan club video each week. So it will be worth joining :D

The more fans I have joininh the more i can do for them. The fan club is only $5 a month for all these extras so if you want to see more pictures, more videos and me on cam more days please consider becoming a fan. I don't get a full cut of the takings from the fan club but I promise for every 10 members I will cut 1 hour of my day job and spend it with you sexy people instead! Not to mention the more people who join the more I can spend on bigger and braver toys! (Now wouldn't that be fun?) 

So thanks for following me and I hope to see you in the fan club soon, and if not i'll see you sexy people in free chat. Monday - Thursday.


To become a fan click Join my fan club and on the page that loads click join my fan club!

NN xxxx

Welcome Guys and Girls!

So I am now building my own site. Finally! YAY! I'm super excited about this. It's goign to be fantastic to have a space to share stories and talk to you guys. My plan is to make this Hub with everything you need to know about Naughty Natili ;) You can read my blog where i will share wha's goign on with my photo shots, what sites i'm joining and any tasty tid bits :p and you can follow me on twitter, on instagram and find me on jasmin! Plus there will be lots and lots of photos will be shared too! ;p 

Mostly clasy pics, but lots of sexy ones too and if you extra well behave (or not!) the will be the odd topless freebie. Hehe Enjoy my sweets ;)

 NN xxxx