Free For All

As you may know I have been simulcasting on MyFreeCams for a while now and I feel like it been going really well :D – I have no intention of leaving Chaturbate or CamBunny I just want to make sure  you can always find me your favourite site so we can continue to have lots of fun together!

I also love to reward my followers :p – So when I reach 5000 admirers on My Free Cams I will be doing as a free for all hour!!! Yes, you heard me right a free for all hour! 

So if you are a MyFreeCams user, fly over to the site now, add me as a friend, click the admire button (and maybe leave a 5 star rating and a nice review ?)  and when I am about to hit 5000 admirers I will Tweet, Tumbl, Snipe and VK that the event is coming soon and schedule my free for all hour! 

If you don’t remember what the free for all hour is. For a whole hour everyone makes requests and i try to perform as many of the as possible!

My Free Cams Profile Page ( ) go there to admire, friend and review me.

My amazon wishlist ( ) Treat me nice and I will repay the favour

Bye for now sexy people