The Snow Shoots

Hey my sexy peeps! So, if you were lucky, you may have had a chance to go play in the snow. I know I did! What else is there to do but going outside in the wet, white snow … naked :pI mean it so pretty I couldn’t resist.

So, when the snow was thick and heavy, I got a call from a photographer I work with and he was like SNOW SHOOT! How could I possibly say no? It was super liberating and just a little bit nippy having my bare breast, ass and well everything exposed to the cold weather.

Nude in the snow is cold as hell!

Take a peek at one of my fav shots: 

Naughty Natali snow shoot 1

I love the way the snow felt falling on my naked chest, how hard my nipple got in the icy cold. I also love how the photos look with me bring naked but warring my big winter coat. I think it super sexy and hope you do too.

Naughty Natali snow shoot 2

Maybe next time I should get some big black now boots too? We spent hours getting all sorts of shots and I was getting really excited and just wanted play with all the snow, I like the way it turned all wet in my hands.

Naughty Natali snow shoot 3

Hope you guys all had fun you can find more picture from my snow day shoot HERE.

Natali xxx