lets go 4k


Hey guys so I am finally upgrading my quality of my streaming video. I want to make this work I will need your help! Please check my wishlist       https://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/Z8U5FFO3P4I7            … This is for you my sexy freaks and the quality of naughty entertainment that I create for you every week. Just imagine how beautiful and nasty this naughty slut would look sucking the cock, making the spit droll all over me and you could see every detail... or when I fuck this messy pussy and every drop of my joy juice is clear and tasty. This will make it even more real more detailed and vibrant. I have already started using OBS and the difference is unreal come and see on www.chaturbate.com/naughtynatali. But with my connection but with a ryzen and some other bits we can get it to 2K or even 4K and that is a the quality that you guys deserve and certainly pleasure for your eye and cock ;)


I need tech off my wishlist  to make it happen, I need at least all the cables on there, the 4k capture cards and at least 1 of the screens. This will get me up to the 2k my camera can live feed on. I have added a camera I can live stream 4k on, but I don’t expect my fans to buy that, but once I have all the other parts I will start saving for the cam To go 4k. So help make this filthy UHD thing happen and buy ANY of the technology you see on my wishlist!