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Slut Trek - Episode 2 Casting call

Slut Trek 2 production is likely to start in the next 6 months, we are looking for adult workers (preferably in eastern Europe), cam girls and guys.

At the time of writing, we are looking for at least two women and one man. The women must not be afraid to get wet and the guy should not be afraid of getting rough.

Preferred:  At least 1-year live cam experience and half a dozen scripted clips in store.

Desirable: Able to speak some English, a sizable twitter following is an advantage, a presence on VK, BDSLMr and Snipesocial is also a plus.

Pay: 1% Revenue share + expenses + base pay (negotiable) for a lead role.

Slut Trek 1 was a profitable production hence the sequel as a result I am offering a profit share as well as base pay and expenses in the hope that once boarded you may stay on for more than one episode.

Extras: There is currently no compensation for extras (sitting in bars, walk on, potential cumshots etc.) But we are happy to take extra applications to review as we move forward with the production.

The first Trek was filmed on a low budget using an entry-level setup, the second one will be filmed in 10bit colour.

While we do already have prop and special effects people, we are happy to have more shortlisted, so if you are interested in creating props and having your company, page etc, listed in the credits please also feel free to make contact.



Twitter:  @xNaughtyNatali


Email: [email protected]


Slut Trek

Waiver of Liability.

Waiver of Liability.

I am issuing a waiver of liability for any personal injury that may occur from and/or be caused by use of the ‘Igrark Machine Gun Sex Machine’ This waiver extends to all platforms it is used on, including but not limited to: live shows, shoots and all pre-recorded content.

I can confirm I have studied the device and am competent in its function and informed of the correct way to use the device.

The device CANNOT be controlled over the internet and the remotes will be singularly controlled by myself.

The device itself will be used during live or ticket shows under the premise of specific goals being hit and will be used for a fixed period. This fix time is set out below. * will gather and retain no information regarding visitors to this page who are inspecting our waiver.


*Tip Requests:

1000 tokens 5 minutes fucking machine with dildo

1500 tokens 10 minutes face fucking with dildo.

Naughty Natalis Build Your own Bimbo

I know they look big but i am currently only a D cup on a size 8- 10 frame and thats not okay. I am trying to get to a firm 6-8 with at least an E but preferably no smaller than a GG, but basically the smallest waist possible with the largest tits i can get. You get to chose everything that's happening to my body, bellow you can vote on the materials and sizes (I will not go smaller and it only goes as high as the local surgery will do because trying to fly somewhere else right now is impossible), all money raised from votes will go towards the surgery, pictures will be posted of transformation and contributors will receive rewards. So all that in mind votes are bellow (voting costs $5 its how im paying for it which is why i will do as i am told).


Vote Saline:

Vote silicon:


Vote E:

Vote F:

Vote FF:

Vote G:

Vote GG:

Vote H:

Vote HH: 


 As many of you are aware i do not do full nude and my stomach is no small part of that, while i have lost a lot of weight its still note as toned or tight as i would like it to be:

Vote abdominoplasty

Natural Options: 

Some of you would prefer i went a more naturaL route for weight loss and breast growth if this is you then please hit my wishlist and order me supplients an excersize gear and diet food and i will us the natural route for you. 

vaginalplasty, lips etc.


Creating the perfect Bimbo

I want to become the ultimate sex object but a full bimbofication comes in between 15 - 50k usd its a lot of money. Now i will do it piece by piece i want to upgrade. But the voting matters not just because it helps me fundraise, but because I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS BODY, i dont mind if you are going to masturbate to me, i want to make more porn, more cam streams, so i need to be what you want, you vote and i will become it, because you have told me what you want. I am also raising money seperately, 6 votes covers 1% of a boob job. So we can get the tits done so quickly just let me know, i aspire to be what you fatasize about!




A Great bimbo needs great skin, soft suble and tanned. If you would like to support my beauty regime check out the options below!







When you vote on my manyvids you are entered in a prize draw to win a 30 minute password session with me. Vote for H or above and your Name goes in the bowl twice. Vote for lower your name goes in once (this is simply because th larger vote sizes cost more so i have to be fair). Your name goes in the bowl every time you purchase, so if you buy 20 votes you get 20 entries.  You also go in the bowl when you vote on the tit material. Prizes are listed bellow! 



  • 1st Prize - 30 Minute Password
  • 2nd Prize - 10 Minute Password
  • 3rd Prize - 10 Minute password
  • 4th Prize  -150 Tokens cambunny
  • 5th Prize - 100 tokens cambunny
  • 6th-10th - 50 tokens on cambunny!
Pornhub Viewers Choice awards!

I have entered a full length video in the PornHub Halloween viewers choice awards. You can view it here! Now im not even trying to win this contest, i want to reach top 50, if i can finish in the top 50 then i will get a pornhub homepage feature which would just be amazing. You can vote everyday for free! So please watch the video and vote for it here!Vote daily through october and help ake this happen for me!Thank you :) Now go enjoy Return of the bride, with what i think is fantastic makeup, effects and world class oral!


Slut Trek 26 Days to go!

So i have set a deadline to try and get slut trek episode 1 finished. The script is written lots of the props are here or ordered. I am practicing my lines and the sets are almost completely up. Now i practice my lines daily and start recording the pieces I can. (The actual torture scenes will be filmed at the end as i don’t have my shock collar or bed yet).

I have located the place i will be filming the outside scenes, its a little place called lom Hady (well not so little), beautiful cliff faces, open land, lakes and woodlands.  I will be scouting there next week and maybe filming the opening.

I am keeping a captains log of development of props arriving sets being built, and soon even my outtakes. Slut trek will be available on 4K UHD when its done with all this stuff as special features. You can watch the slut trek logs here. :

Slut trek will have some post production costs so to help with those I have started a fund me campaign on extralunch money you can find it here:  you will also find a basic run down to the plot of the pilot episode here too, which I think you will love take the time to read it. Sadly if I don’t hit the funding goal, they wont release any of the funding and I will be back to square one. So even if you can spare 15 credits, its greatly appreciated. 

Almost all of the props and equipment for slut trek (which at the moment I am planning 6 episodes of), can be found on my amazon UK wishlist which you can find here , you can also support the project by sending vouchers to [email protected] I am only £20 away from ordering the massage able to be strapped too and that will be me about ready to start shooting torture scenes (They would look better if I had a tracking gimbals but I’ll shoot without as long as we are ready to go with props).

Its currently award season on manyvids too and I am certain slut trek captains logs, deserve to win, so please head over to and vote for me, it’s free and with all the passion that went into this project I think it deserves to win (or at least place top 5).

So there it is 27 days until I plan to have the pilot completely finished, with all your support we have come so far, just a little further and we will be there.


Slut Trek Season 1!

Slut Trek – Pilot Series

Due to quarantine restrictions it’s exceptionally hard to find people to work with, and of course everyone’s safety comes first.

So my first season of Slut trek will still be super sexy and will consist of me searching for my missing crew. Being immobilised on a planet, transported to a sick bay where a number of cruel sexual experiments using toys and machines are conducted.

I almost have everything needed – I’m just looking for a massage table and a colour changing light to construct my medic bay tests!

Plus of course any fucking machines you would like to see in the series. Will be greatly received!

In the first episode I would like to be strapped to the bed, with the domi attached to me and then switched on and run until the battery dies!

The second episode I want to be a fucking machine endurance session, so please check my wish list and help prop up the episode! (And remember if there is a specific toy you would like to see me use in Slut Trek or on a show, send it to me on twitter and I will add it to my wish list must be

Any Czech or Slovakian camgirls who would like to be on Slut Trek, follow me, reply, DM to let me know. I would love to have some serious girl on girl presence and we can arrange something!

Remember this will be one of the first ever 8k porn series so let’s make it epic. ..




Fucked in the wrong way, Every may :(


Well its may again! So after i upgraded my PC (thanks to a Ryzen 9 CPU from Super and a GeForce RTX 2070 from HD), I was pumped to finally get back to broadcasting in 2K, woop, woop. To discover while offline, i had again been banned from chaturbate.  This happened last May (checked my blog), so its may again!

I am very particular about following rules, so i am 99.9% certain i haven’t broken any. I dont promote competing sites in my feed. I have no links to my ManyVids, so i have emailed Chaturbate and i hope we are back on there soon. Of course i have gone to plan B Cambunny and MFC but i have always spent most of my time on chaturbate, with 100k followers its my mainstream site! Cambunny is my GET WRECKED site.

I am a little worried, its not like i can get another job during the world being closed down so please look at my stores and support the crap out of me!

We are pretty sure, the ban is the result of false reports from the guy who has been abusing me so much over the last year i was forced to permanently silence greys. I really wish there was something i could do about his abuse. 

Well its been a day and a half since i emailed chaturbate, they haven’t replied yet, but its the weekend, VE day, mothers day etc, so im going to be patient, if i dont hear from them by tomorrow i will contact them again. 

In the mean time please come abuse me on Cambunny. get 50 free tokens on signup. You can also buy 30 minute Cambunny takeovers on iwantclips and manyvids. 

See you on the dirty side people!

(Inside my new baby, Thanks Super and HD!)

A free for all hour – when I hit 5000 admirers

Free For All

As you may know I have been simulcasting on MyFreeCams for a while now and I feel like it been going really well :D – I have no intention of leaving Chaturbate or CamBunny I just want to make sure  you can always find me your favourite site so we can continue to have lots of fun together!

I also love to reward my followers :p – So when I reach 5000 admirers on My Free Cams I will be doing as a free for all hour!!! Yes, you heard me right a free for all hour! 

So if you are a MyFreeCams user, fly over to the site now, add me as a friend, click the admire button (and maybe leave a 5 star rating and a nice review ?)  and when I am about to hit 5000 admirers I will Tweet, Tumbl, Snipe and VK that the event is coming soon and schedule my free for all hour! 

If you don’t remember what the free for all hour is. For a whole hour everyone makes requests and i try to perform as many of the as possible!

My Free Cams Profile Page ( ) go there to admire, friend and review me.

My amazon wishlist ( ) Treat me nice and I will repay the favour

Bye for now sexy people



Natalis Valentines

So Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and I am getting all excited about my valentine day special (*wink wink*). 

When: February 13th /14th 00:00 GMT

Christmas was a bit of a bust in the specials department and I want to make sure Valentines gets knocked out of the park for epic shows (it’s going to get messy up in here! :D)

Remember there’s a fucking machine – to really get down and dirty!

There’s a drildo on the Cambunny wishlist and there the elctro toys too. So many sensual or… abusive things we can play with – depending on where the mood takes you but it’s down to you, my lovely viewers, to make the filth happen. :D :D :D

Pick your poison, send the toy, or treat me because its Valentines … and boy will I treat you back. Pick an outfit and dress me up. (I can be whatever you want me to be) 

The outfits are a must so if you see one you like please order it, the sooner we get ready he better! 

So let’s get ready boys and girls. The wishlists are ready and I have some great rewards for everyone who make a purchase from it! (EU wishlist / Global wishlist)

You could get a 10 minute password show for getting me a gift off one of my Amazon wishlists, so we can have some fun together.  

If you would like to purchase a costume for me to wear during my special I am giving away a free 30 minute password show!!! Yes you read that right a whole 30 minutes : D…think of all the fun we could have. 

Fancy picking me up something different? If you purchase any computer part or item over £100, I will reward you big time : p - You will get 4 separate…( yes separate) 30 minute password shows 

If you head over to my Cambunny wishlist I reward you with an a 45 minute password show (just because I am feeling nice…or maybe very naughty, you decide :D)


The boring but important bit! 

*This is valid for all items purchased up until February 7th*

Make sure on the gift note you put either your twitter handle or Snipesocial username so I can contact you to arrange the show. (I need to know who you are to reward you!)

I will be allowing up to 1 Password show a night, either at the start or the end of my normal broadcast either on Cambunny or Chaturbate (So it’s first come first served lovely people)

Hit the lists and let’s make this the best Valentines special yet <3 <3 <3

Let’s have some fun. Big big fun!


MV Contest, vote for me for free and win a prize for you!

For the next week Manyvids are running some competitions. I would absolutely love to take first place in my two categories. Voting is free, so any one of my fans can help me out, by getting a free manyvids account and voting.

If I win one category I will do a Free For All play night on Chaturbate, if I win both I will do a Free For All play night on BDSM Club and chaturbate. Again Voting is free. So click on the link and vote for me and tweet that you voted. If you are following me on snipe, post that you voted and tag my page. My MV crush is already in the top 50! We can make this happen!

  1. Vote for me as MV Crush Store of the year here
  2. Vote for me as MV Store of the year


MV Store of the year


  1. Vote for me as MV Crush Store of the year here
  2. Vote for me as MV Store of the year


Vote for me as MV crush store of the year