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The Cum Diet Challenge


The cum diet challenge.

If in any show I reach 10,000k total tokens the challenge starts and basically I can consume only liquids that come out of a human being and no other food. In short I have to live on cum and squirt etc. at 10k tokens in a show it starts at 1 day. And a day is added for every 5,000 additional tokens, I will vlog my struggle and do my best to get as much cum as I can from people on tinder etc.

The videos created during the cum diet challenge will be uploaded to manyvids and yezz clips depending on how nasty they are.

So if you want to see a real whore, try a cum diet challenge then tip in the Chaturbate show, every token gets us one step closer, I take what I do very seriously, and I will do this if the goals are met.

I was intrigued about the idea of a cum diet after a number of tumblr blogs were talking about how amazing it is, I checked to see if it was safe, it is, but it is intense, I want to try it but I want your encouragement, so come join me and tip to set the challenge.

For safety reasons the longest I will attempt this diet in one go is 14 days.

Fucking Machine

Hello you naught lot. Today I am Introducing the new toy on the block …

The bigger bang? It most certainly is. Me my new super sex toy:The Bigger Bang Rotating and Thrusting Sex Machine – maybe I should give it a nick name. Any ideas?

I’ve so enjoyed getting intimate with this beast of machine. We have been getting to know each other very well and it is just so dame sexy.

This thing is just incredible. It’s big, sleek and hard and it is livening up my shows for sure and boy is it getting me all worked up between the thighs. You may have already been lucky enough to see this thing in action in one of my live shows, if you have you know what this machine can do. This beast can thrust (oh can it thrust) deep into me and it canrotate at the same time for extra enjoyment, yours and mine. And I just love it and the way it makes me feel.

It so hot the way it feels inside me, riding it, clenching it with my thighs. I’ll even give it a good fuck with my mouth is your naughty enough (How naughty will you be? - 1000 tokens is 5 minute of fucking and 1500 tokens is 5 minute of face fucking)

So, tune into one of my live shows here if you want to see this bad boy in action. I promise I will get all hot and sweaty… and you might just too.

Check out my fucking machine videos on my many vids store here.


Natali xxx

YouKandy – Model of the Month Awards!


YouKandy – Model of the Month Awards!

It’s time! It’s YouKandy Model of the Months Award! So, cum VOTE FOR ME! ;D

As all you lovely people probably know I am trying to finish building our house in the Czech, so we can move this year! It so exciting but it is taking a while as we need to find the time and funding! I am loving seeing all you guys over at Chatuabte for my live shows, but I am widening (pun intended ;D) my online profile and plan to add lots more fun and sexy content to YouKandy! Call it my new year’s resolution!

So what better way to kick things off for 2018 and YouKandy then to win the Model of the Month award! First prize is $1500, which would go a long way helping me get that house finished! There might even be some left over for new toys, if your extra naughty that is. If I was to win I might even upload some special content to YouKandy to celebrate! Plus, if you join me on Chatubate we even have some fun times with new toys – more about that in my next blog post!

Though I’m not always greedy and if I won second or third place I am sure I could find a special treat for all you lovely fans and viewers.

Check out my profile for the link to vote:

Winner is announced at the end of the month on 31st January 2018.

See you beautiful people <3


Natali xxx

Waiver of Liability.

Waiver of Liability.

I am issuing a waiver of liability for any personal injury that may occur from and/or be caused by use of the ‘PD3766-00 Fetish Fantasy Series The Bigger Bang Thrusting and Rotating Sex Machine’ This waiver extends to all platforms it is used on, including but not limited to: live shows, shoots and all pre-recorded content.

I can confirm I have studied the device and am competent in its function and informed of the correct way to use the device.

The device CANNOT be controlled over the internet and the remotes will be singularly controlled by myself.

The device itself will be used during live or ticket shows under the premise of specific goals being hit and will be used for a fixed period. This fix time is set out below. * will gather and retain no information regarding visitors to this page who are inspecting our waiver.


*Tip Requests:


1000 tokens 5 minutes fucking machine with dildo


1500 tokens 10 minutes face fucking with dildo.

Mistress Natali and My New Little Pet

So, I have some super exciting and very sexy news for you all. After two years of playing hard, getting messy and generally being all sorts of naughty; I have finally been rewarded. I have a shiny, sexy new little pet. She is fucking hot and her body is amazing. She has lots to learn, and boy I just can’t wait to teach her. Mistress Natali is feeling very sexy and excited indeed.

Natali Spanking

We have been getting hot and heavy exploring each other’s bodies and I can’t wait to show you what we have been getting up to in our play time together. We are so attracted to each we just let our imagination run wild … we did need a script to follow as the passion was tangible in the air. I love the way her skin felt, i just could stop grabbing her and spanking her, i just let myself get carried away. I am a huge fan of girl on girl shoots and I know you lovely lot are too, so to finally get the opportunity to do lesbian video really got me hot under the collar. 

If you’d like to meet her while not check out one of the first lesson I gave her HERE. This is the one where I teach how to deep throat like and pro in preparation for her taking the lead on a blow job I do late which you can check out HERE (full cum shoot and everything!) and that’s just the beginning of our time together, I get wet just thinking about her hands and her lips.

 Natali Deep throat

If you want to get a good glimpse of both of us getting all hot and wet you can always look at me spanking her to teach her a good lesson HERE. I love the way her sweet ass feels in my hands and so excited for our next session together. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. 

If you want to watch us go all the way (if you know what I mean) I won’t disappoint you, you can go watch the preview of me going down on her on my ManyVids channel too, here the direct LINK to the video: 

 Naughty Natali and her pet

Don’t forget you can sign up for just $10 a month and get access to all my video on ManyVids. I love you all so much for supporting me and every time you do I get closer to longer, harder, better quality videos and even closer to achieving my perfect body. You support means so much to me! 

Natali xxx

My first Bukakke Shoot.

It has begun. The count down. In just 8 short, sweet days I will be shooting my first Bukakke shoot… Oh yes you heard me: Bukakke. I aim to please and so far, I have 8 men signed up, ready and waiting. I can’t wait. I’m so hot just thinking about it. I’m getting a little excited. We are currently raising money on ELM!

For those that need a little info on Bukakke it is a very sexy event, where a group of men ejaculate onto one women. In fact, the more the merrier, let’s just say if you like cum, you’re going to love this sticky, white party.

So, my lovelies if you are just as excited as me head over to Here you can contribute and help make the production possible. Plus, anyone who contributes to the campaign will get a copy of the video for free! Yes, free. You can see my Bukakke adventure for yourself, for free, first, all you need to do, is donate. I can’t wait to share this with you, my sexy fans.

It will be available to non-donators for $40.00 when completed, so don’t worry no one will miss out on this sexy adventure, (or it will also be available to any of my manyvids fan club members for free).

The video will be filmed in 1080P HD. That is unless somebody feels like contributing the 4k camera from my wish list ;) (wink wink) in which case it will be filmed in 4k! Which would be pretty, damn cool.

I can promise this video will be different from my other video productions. I am hiring a special set (trust me you will just love it), I will have several photographers covering lots of angles of playtime and a fluffer (so everyone will be hard and ready). This is my first step into the big-time porn. Be ready. Its going to hot. I promise. xxx

Sexy dirty fun on Chaturbate, Manyvids and my upcoming B-day :)

I will get better with the updates I swear lol

Anyway Hi my sexy, naughty people xx

Today I like to share some fun experiences from my free cam shows on Chaturbate as it is some crazy stuff worth sharing. I started Chaturbate regularly like 3 months ago and it was not easy really. It is hard to get recognized without followers and hard to make some living.  But now I have over 11 000 followers, hundreds of people in my room and being as naughty as I can. Thanks to me attitude, dirty mind and sexy skills I have my regular fans and more and more people are watching me. Warning sessions with me are highly addictive! :D I love when my fans pushing me over my limits, I love that they want to see what a dirty slut I am and when theY are being creative and filthy. 

NikkyD 0369_2x

So one night guy called Charlie Brown came to my room. He proposed a game that I could not refuse to play. He pays for every orgasm I get and if I squirt he double it. He encouraged people in the room to play with him :) it was a challenge and so much fucking fun ...  He said, " one of us have to win either I run out of tokens or you pass out!" Well and because I am a crazy bitch I kept going... Squirted, fucked different toys, keep fucking as long they tipping.. break only for a drink and again... for hours. I had around 36 orgasms (no one is sure really lol) and one destroyed pussy. He loved it, the room loved it and I was at the point of passing out and not being able to walk properly :) and that was the day the game Charlie Brown was born. ( btw my record is 46 orgasms per night, dare to break the record)

My sessions went really dirty and I enjoy the little slut in me. Lots of my fans enjoy seeing me suck and deep throat dildo as I am very sloppy and my tits get covered in my saliva. Face fucked got real when they propose to hang my head from my sofa and let the spit dribble all over my face ( I love the look so messy). Another sexy dirty show that you can see in my room is squirt. I have days when I spray like crazy and I cannot get enough of it. To make it dirtier and more fun I get on my back put my legs in the air and fuck myself until I soak the whole body and face... I have it in my eyes, hair even mouth ( are you hard yet? lol) And because I am a good whore I go on my four and start licking the floor covered in squirt.

Well, I hope that you like what you read and you will come to visit me soon on my Chaturbate free cam show :)

If you like my dirty mind, my body, my sexy skills you should check  My Manyvids profile. You can also order your very own porn with me and make me do dirty naughty things and save me in your secret fap gallery :) I have there also free vids like talking about my extreme video experience or my Vlog. That's right I do Vlog now too :D any questions about me ask me on twitter and I will answer them on my Vlog videos. Enjoy my dirty porn boys and girls :) 



Cum in my eye baby HD 483

elm custom whipped cream 0707

My upcoming B-day show 02.09.2016 on Chaturbate

I am so excited for my B-day show guys:) It's going to be wild, crazy, messy , dirty just thinking about it makes me wet. And as a B-day girl I should get some nice naughty gifts from you so the show could be even more exciting. I really need new toys and clothes (also videogames lol) to make the best show that I can. Everyone has different preferences what they want to see, so if you buy me gift that you like me to use you will not regret it plus I will make video for you xx The first Friday in September at 10pm GMT come to see me on Chaturbate xxx

Love you guys, Thank you for your support and See you soon xxx



Naughty Natali Finally plays Catch up (pictures coming soon)

Long-time, no see, my naughty people. Past few months I have been planning my career, building, working hard, traveling ect. But now I am back and I better than ever :P

So let’s sum this up: 

I had my first online interview with John from ‘insidetheporn’. He was pretty awesome . We had a chat on skype and after that we stayed in touch on twitter. I think the interview went pretty well and you should check it out; if you want to know more about me. Link below:

Hot, Sexy and Naughty GG shoot with Tasha

nikki & tash 088

Amazing erotic session situated in the Big Swinger’s House with a dungeon, sauna, and pool. The photoshoot was in a theme of the Angels and Devils. The role of evil suits me just fine :P

We got dressed up, set the scene and then started the play. I have to say that I was getting wet too, just looking at her perfect ass and long legs. We cuddled, kissed, we took our clothes off slowly as we teased each other. I could not get enough of her sweet pussy. I could have just licked all of her all day long. After that we took the toys out. I had my red devils cock on me and fucked her nice and deep in her wet pussy, I love the feeling of strap on. I like being the one in control and making her beg for more. But she got her revenge with a nice, thick, juicy butt plug. My ass was so excited for this; I could feel it pulsing. At the end we just played about, painted on each other and got ready for the dungeon…

nikki & tash 492

Oh yes my favourite play! The BDSM play. This place was in the attic of the house. When you enter the room it is lit all in a dark red light; with red carpet and with a lots of fun attractions XD. The owner gave me some fun homemade toys to use while she is tied up. I still hand the strap on with me, just in case I will get the chance to fuck her some more. We tried lots of different things in that room and I felt so excited. I definitely need one of this play rooms in my house. For a while I even switched to sub and I have to say my heart was pumping so hard. I was so ready to be wrecked but she just teased me but I was horny as hell! I could not wait to get fucked. Hard. 




So guys I hope you will enjoy my new galleries and feel free to let me know how you enjoyed it 

As you may know I have been on holiday recently as well. Straight after I got back we started building my new studio! I needed a new place to work for quite a while now, as in the house I could not work every day. It was sweaty, hard work getting it ready but it was worth it. I still need some decorations and more plug sockets so I can use my Xbox in there too lol. At the moment I do Free Cam just on the Chaturbate, because my new studio is not up to standard to do live shows for Jasmin yet. But do not worry as soon as I can buy new bits and pieces you will see me there again too 

And now a huge Thank You too all my followers on CB. I recently brook 3 000 followers. Could not believe it! So much love to your guys :p I was really happy to know that you my naughty boys and girls enjoy me so much. I will always try my best to make the sexiest shows that I can for you xx

Please follow my work on ELM as that place is my domain to satisfy your kinky, dirty minds and boy do I love it. You can buy videos or you can order custom ones just for you. My work on there is in HD and provides little extra bits too ;p. Also you can ask me to be really naughty on there, as when I am on Cams I am restricted by rules.

Don’t forget to treat me! I promise it is worth it :p Check my out Wish List. There are plenty of sexy things that we both can enjoy. I can’t wait. 

Thank You and Love You my Naughty people, Kiss, kiss, 

Natali xx


Big Blog Update

Hey guys sorry for a long pause, I have been very busy lately. Let me give you the run down of the amazingly sexy things that I have been up to since my last blog :p



Adult Shoots with Cameron and Steve.

I recently had quite few shoots. It was super fun and super sexy :) Some of them were outside on a freezing night in a car park, some of them in the beautiful London studio. Both of the photographers have created some amazing images. In one of the shoot I was asked to masturbate and make myself cum. Sometimes I just love my work so much :) Well enjoy my picture in the gallery from this shoots xx

Naughty Natali Sexy corset shoot


Naughty Natali - in the car park


Naughty Natali - Secy Black and white

Shibary Shoots with Rod

Like every month I have been done one of my favourite photo shoots with Rod. He is an amazing worldwide known photographer in the fetish and shibari style of photography. It feels so good being in his studio, it has this really wonderful, intimate atmosphere. He likes to play around, watch me as I play with myself... and afterwards he ties me up with rope so tightly I can feel it biting into my skin. I am addicted to the feeling of it. I’m absolutely under the power of the rope; my mind; my whole body is influence by this feeling, controlled but it. It is so exciting and overwhelming. I am powerless as I submit and wonder what will happened next. My fantasies go wild, my heartbeat goes crazy and I never want to lose that feeling. I thing that is the reason why the pictures are so good. You can tell I’m in the moment and that I enjoying every second of it.

Naughty Natali on Leopard Skin Rug


Naughty Natali - Shibari Shoot 2

Photoshoot on ruins

An unexpected and fun photoshoot opportunity came up last week. The photographer took me to this amazing place of old ruins. It was a day time so it was hard to have a privacy but I found that I actually really enjoyed people watching me in public, when I’m nude. It was great fun. One of the pedestrians was peeking from a distance pretending to fly his RC plain. I could not help it I really enjoyed that he was watching me, it made me feel really naughty and kind of made me feel more sexy. Running around naked, in the sunshine, in this amazing place full of interesting ruined architecture, was a great day. It was also produced great pictures, so take a peek at my gallery :).

Do you want me to do something naughty just for you? Do you want to text with me? Do you want more naughty pictures? Contact me here



And don’t forget to treat me :)



What could be next I wonder?

My First GG Shoot . . . WOW

Today i had my first GG shoot and it was fucking amazing and so, so hot. I got to work with the sexy female you can see in teh pics below. I could feel her breathe on my neck and I felt like there was no camera at all.

Her beautiful eyes were staring into mine and I could feel my knees getting weaker. She was so close to me and her hands were running down my body, my body respoded to her touch. I could feel everything, everywhere, in that moment I just wanted the world to stop and for us to stay that way forever. . . 


The photographer fleetingglimpses was absolutely fantastic. He created such sexy and beautiful images, I'm so impressed. He was amazingly proffesional and brilliant to work with, he made me feel very confident. And I had a fun, sexy afternoon in my ordinery day, with a georgeos girl. Cound not ask for more. 

Lets hope I get to have this much fun again.


NN xxxx