So Valentine’s Day is coming up quick and I am getting all excited about my valentine day special (*wink wink*). 

When: February 13th /14th 00:00 GMT

Christmas was a bit of a bust in the specials department and I want to make sure Valentines gets knocked out of the park for epic shows (it’s going to get messy up in here! :D)

Remember there’s a fucking machine – to really get down and dirty!

There’s a drildo on the Cambunny wishlist and there the elctro toys too. So many sensual or… abusive things we can play with – depending on where the mood takes you but it’s down to you, my lovely viewers, to make the filth happen. :D :D :D

Pick your poison, send the toy, or treat me because its Valentines … and boy will I treat you back. Pick an outfit and dress me up. (I can be whatever you want me to be) 

The outfits are a must so if you see one you like please order it, the sooner we get ready he better! 

So let’s get ready boys and girls. The wishlists are ready and I have some great rewards for everyone who make a purchase from it! (EU wishlist / Global wishlist)

You could get a 10 minute password show for getting me a gift off one of my Amazon wishlists, so we can have some fun together.  

If you would like to purchase a costume for me to wear during my special I am giving away a free 30 minute password show!!! Yes you read that right a whole 30 minutes : D…think of all the fun we could have. 

Fancy picking me up something different? If you purchase any computer part or item over £100, I will reward you big time : p - You will get 4 separate…( yes separate) 30 minute password shows 

If you head over to my Cambunny wishlist I reward you with an a 45 minute password show (just because I am feeling nice…or maybe very naughty, you decide :D)


The boring but important bit! 

*This is valid for all items purchased up until February 7th*

Make sure on the gift note you put either your twitter handle or Snipesocial username so I can contact you to arrange the show. (I need to know who you are to reward you!)

I will be allowing up to 1 Password show a night, either at the start or the end of my normal broadcast either on Cambunny or Chaturbate (So it’s first come first served lovely people)

Hit the lists and let’s make this the best Valentines special yet <3 <3 <3

Let’s have some fun. Big big fun!