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Naughty Natalis Crypto store!!!!

So, as I am sure most of you are ware there seems to be some ongoing issues between payment processors and the adult industry. In just a few months Cambunny has lost zombaio, pornhub lost mastercard and visa and others are now charging payment fees or following suit. Like me, this has left lot of adult models worried about their income avenues and what the best options are form here. 



The adult world has always been hard to sell in, much of my content wasn’t allowed anywhere, it was very distressing. I spent a lot of hours looking at my options to make sure I can still make my content available to all my wonderful fans and it is with the help of HD I have been able to build my own store powered by crypto currency! Don’t worry if crypto a new concept to you, it much easier that you think and allows us model to continue to provide content ????

Below I have included way to get some free currency, trade for currency and mine for beginners because i want to make as accessible as possible.

This will be my most complete store, you can order my underwear, have custom photos taken (great if you have your own website to promote), book skype shows, get tokens for Cambunny, support my bimbofication and buy video and photo sets.



Visit my Cryto Store!




Because my site uses crypto wallets, I don’t have to pay massive commissions to site owners, this has allowed me to do 2 things:

1. Make many of my items allot cheaper. Yay!

2. Introduce a reward program, whenever you purchase an item in my store you receive credits, (like a clubcard), when you have enough points, you can use them to purchase items, essentially getting something for free., I am really excited about this and love that I can now reward my fans for being loyal.

Blogging and article rewards

If you write an article about me or one of my stores and social networks you could grab yourself 50c gift voucher for the store OR 15 tokens for Cambunny

The article must include links, consist of at least 500 words. Point it at one of my URLs, preferably my new crypto store, but my allmylinks is also ok.

You can write about a specific store or social network or you can even directly review a video on one of my stores, my motherless or pornhub.

Tweet the article at me and I will send you a 50c gift voucher for the store OR 15 tokens for Cambunny, please include your Cambunny username in the article, rewards will be issued at random, this means a few articles all over the net you could get yourself a free video, pictures or even a deep throat live!


Visit my Cryto Store!



Right! Now let’s get you some easy crypto.

Crypto options:


Wallet - Coinbase

Now to receive crypto you will need a wallet and Coinbase is definitely the one to recommend... why?

Firstly, it super simple to use unlike some others out there, they have a clean interface and it easy to navigate so if you new to crypton this is user friendly and can be set up in minutes.

Secondly, it been around a while. At almost 10 years old Coinbase is fairly established in the crypton world. This is important in the crypto world as it means they build trust in their user base and why I am happy to recommend.

Thirdly, Coinbase now accepts Paypal. That right you can use Paypal to buy crypto with Coinbase so you can feel safe a secure in your purchase. (Currently only available to US, but more countries being added soon!)

Lastly but in no means least, Coinbase give away A LOT of free coin! Who doesn’t like a freebie?

Either on the desktop go to LEARN AND EARN, or on the mobile app just scroll down to REWARDS. They every few weeks have crypto videos where watch a video that’s under 1 minute long and answer a question or two to show you watched it, then boom a $1 in crypto in your wallet and you might have learned something too! Now it might not sound allot but that’s $3 in under 5 minutes isn’t too shabby and if the currency goes up so does your wallet.

They also give $10 for every person you refer.


Mining – Web Based

Web based mining is the easiest by far but it’s also worth knowing it’s the lowest value, the easiest route is  you sign up and log in, (using chrome with no script blockers), this can be done on any device, Mac, Windows or even a mobile.

Select the number of threads and press start. Just leave it running, you can withdraw via PayPal at $1.



CPU and GPU mining

(Only one type of CPU or GPU miner can be used at a time do not try to mix), windows will flag miners as a virus, just follow the guides provided by the sites and go ahead.


CudoMiner this is one of the highest paying auto-miners I have ever seen, on a single GPU you can make up to 50-200 usd a month, in the payment tab select ‘automatically convert coins’ and the select ‘Bitcoin’.  Then it will mine anything your PC is capable of and convert it.

If you don’t select auto convert it will limit what mining algorithm you can use.  Put your bitcoin address from Coinbase in the wallets section and never draw out below 250,000 satoshi.


Unminable – This ones really cool because you can choose to mine some of the most random alt coins, however you can select only GPU or CPU you can’t have it use all the machine like you would in cudo.

It has over 60 coins to choose from so you can really diversify, on GPU mining you can get a payout in under a week for most coins, on CPU mining it takes closer to 30 days. Just click on download and then download the version with miner files included. I am doing allot with DOGE now its accepted everywhere.


So that’s how the store works folks, and there some of the places you can get digital currency without buying it and ways to directly get credit for my live shows or stores.


Loves xx


Visit my Cryto Store!



Slut Trek - Episode 2 Casting call

Slut Trek 2 production is likely to start in the next 6 months, we are looking for adult workers (preferably in eastern Europe), cam girls and guys.

At the time of writing, we are looking for at least two women and one man. The women must not be afraid to get wet and the guy should not be afraid of getting rough.

Preferred:  At least 1-year live cam experience and half a dozen scripted clips in store.

Desirable: Able to speak some English, a sizable twitter following is an advantage, a presence on VK, BDSLMr and Snipesocial is also a plus.

Pay: 1% Revenue share + expenses + base pay (negotiable) for a lead role.

Slut Trek 1 was a profitable production hence the sequel as a result I am offering a profit share as well as base pay and expenses in the hope that once boarded you may stay on for more than one episode.

Extras: There is currently no compensation for extras (sitting in bars, walk on, potential cumshots etc.) But we are happy to take extra applications to review as we move forward with the production.

The first Trek was filmed on a low budget using an entry-level setup, the second one will be filmed in 10bit colour.

While we do already have prop and special effects people, we are happy to have more shortlisted, so if you are interested in creating props and having your company, page etc, listed in the credits please also feel free to make contact.



Twitter:  @xNaughtyNatali


Email: [email protected]


Slut Trek

8K Now available in Stores!

You can now find ALL OF MY NOT BANNED 8K VIDEOS in my Manyvids and Yezzclips stores.


Yezzclips ALL NOT BANNED 8K Videos as well as videos too extreme for other marketplaces (4k and 1080p also available)


Manyvids 8K videos under 10 Minutes, less extreme content.


Banned stuff, see the banned posts below! 


Go and Enjoy!

Waiver of Liability.

Waiver of Liability.

I am issuing a waiver of liability for any personal injury that may occur from and/or be caused by use of the ‘Igrark Machine Gun Sex Machine’ This waiver extends to all platforms it is used on, including but not limited to: live shows, shoots and all pre-recorded content.

I can confirm I have studied the device and am competent in its function and informed of the correct way to use the device.

The device CANNOT be controlled over the internet and the remotes will be singularly controlled by myself.

The device itself will be used during live or ticket shows under the premise of specific goals being hit and will be used for a fixed period. This fix time is set out below. * will gather and retain no information regarding visitors to this page who are inspecting our waiver.


*Tip Requests:

1000 tokens 5 minutes fucking machine with dildo

1500 tokens 10 minutes face fucking with dildo.

Natali's first Bukkake


This is a FANTASTIC almost 50 minute video with all kinds of dick sucking, cum blasting action. Remastered in 8K and now available in multiple disc editions including the 4K and 4K3D special edition! I hope to shoot another one of these soon with the new cameras i am saving up for with the amazon vouchers.

Get in 1080p

On Manyvids

On iwantclips

On ExtraLunchMoney

On Clips4sale

or send a vouchers of $50 / Vouchers worth £40 / alza vouchers of 2000czk to [email protected] with your twitter username and the words Bukkake1080.

Get in 4K

On Yezzclips

On Pornhub / Modelhub

or send a vouchers of $75 / Vouchers worth £50 / alza vouchers of 2500czk to [email protected] with your twitter username and the words Bukkake4k.


Get in 4K3D

*Requires Red / Blue 3D Glasses

On Pornhub/Modelhub

or send a vouchers of $50 / Vouchers worth £40 / alza vouchers of 2000czk to [email protected] with your twitter username and the words Bukkake4k3D. THIS IS ONLY THE 3D VERSION!

Get on Disc

1080P AVCHD/BluRay

4K/4K3D Combo disc including 3D Glasses


8K + 4K3D Bundle

Send a vouchers of $100 / Vouchers worth £75 / alza vouchers of 3000czk to [email protected] with your twitter username and the words BukkakeBundle.



Another one of my amazing banned videos. Basically i ghet hammered and play with myself again, distribution was resticted because i am too drunk to be aware of my choices... but i am sober when i edit and post the stuff, so clearly i am aware. Oh well never mind. If my hardcore fans want it they can get it direct. 


You can get this in 1080p, 4k and 8k by sending Get my video BANNED VIDEO - DRUNK in 8K exclusively with amazon vouchers or grabbing me an item off my wishlist wishlist. Send vouchers of a least £45 or $50 to [email protected] or buy me a gift in that value. Don't forget to put your email or twitter user name on the note and the word "banneddrunk".








This video was originally made for someone for Oktoberfest and i sbanned on all my platforms :( just because i have a few drinks in it. Well in this video i hit some beer and tequlia, and go for a walk, drunkenly stammering accross a field on a public foorpath i stop and agressivelly masturbate with a glass dildo, if i look nervous its because there were allot of people walkign through the tree line!

You can get this in 1080p, 4k and 8k by sending Get my video BANNED VIDEO - OKTOBERFEST in 8K exclusively with amazon vouchers or grabbing me an item off my wishlist wishlist. Send vouchers of a least £45 or $50 to [email protected] or buy me a gift in that value. Don't forget to put your email or twitter user name on the note and the word "bannedoctober".

Naughty Natalis Build Your own Bimbo

I know they look big but i am currently only a D cup on a size 8- 10 frame and thats not okay. I am trying to get to a firm 6-8 with at least an E but preferably no smaller than a GG, but basically the smallest waist possible with the largest tits i can get. You get to chose everything that's happening to my body, bellow you can vote on the materials and sizes (I will not go smaller and it only goes as high as the local surgery will do because trying to fly somewhere else right now is impossible), all money raised from votes will go towards the surgery, pictures will be posted of transformation and contributors will receive rewards. So all that in mind votes are bellow (voting costs $5 its how im paying for it which is why i will do as i am told).


Vote Saline:

Vote silicon:


Vote E:

Vote F:

Vote FF:

Vote G:

Vote GG:

Vote H:

Vote HH: 


 As many of you are aware i do not do full nude and my stomach is no small part of that, while i have lost a lot of weight its still note as toned or tight as i would like it to be:

Vote abdominoplasty

Natural Options: 

Some of you would prefer i went a more naturaL route for weight loss and breast growth if this is you then please hit my wishlist and order me supplients an excersize gear and diet food and i will us the natural route for you. 

vaginalplasty, lips etc.


Creating the perfect Bimbo

I want to become the ultimate sex object but a full bimbofication comes in between 15 - 50k usd its a lot of money. Now i will do it piece by piece i want to upgrade. But the voting matters not just because it helps me fundraise, but because I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS BODY, i dont mind if you are going to masturbate to me, i want to make more porn, more cam streams, so i need to be what you want, you vote and i will become it, because you have told me what you want. I am also raising money seperately, 6 votes covers 1% of a boob job. So we can get the tits done so quickly just let me know, i aspire to be what you fatasize about!




A Great bimbo needs great skin, soft suble and tanned. If you would like to support my beauty regime check out the options below!







When you vote on my manyvids you are entered in a prize draw to win a 30 minute password session with me. Vote for H or above and your Name goes in the bowl twice. Vote for lower your name goes in once (this is simply because th larger vote sizes cost more so i have to be fair). Your name goes in the bowl every time you purchase, so if you buy 20 votes you get 20 entries.  You also go in the bowl when you vote on the tit material. Prizes are listed bellow! 



  • 1st Prize - 30 Minute Password
  • 2nd Prize - 10 Minute Password
  • 3rd Prize - 10 Minute password
  • 4th Prize  -150 Tokens cambunny
  • 5th Prize - 100 tokens cambunny
  • 6th-10th - 50 tokens on cambunny!
Pornhub Viewers Choice awards!

I have entered a full length video in the PornHub Halloween viewers choice awards. You can view it here! Now im not even trying to win this contest, i want to reach top 50, if i can finish in the top 50 then i will get a pornhub homepage feature which would just be amazing. You can vote everyday for free! So please watch the video and vote for it here!Vote daily through october and help ake this happen for me!Thank you :) Now go enjoy Return of the bride, with what i think is fantastic makeup, effects and world class oral!


Topless super slow Mo Bouncing

Watch that big tits bouncing about as i jump up and down topless in super slow mo. Filmed at a genuine 240 FPS so no detail was lost when i slowed it down! 

Get in 1080p

Get in 4K


Get in 4K3D

Get in 8K

Get my video "Topless super slow Mo Bouncing" in 8K exclusively with my bondara and amazon vouchers or wishlist. Send vouchers of a least £15 or $20 to [email protected] or buy me a gift in that value. Don't forget to put your email or twitter user name on the note and the word "superslow". 

My Amazon Europe Wishlist

My Amazon Global Wishlist

My CamBunny Wishlist