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Posts from 2017-09-06

Mistress Natali and My New Little Pet

So, I have some super exciting and very sexy news for you all. After two years of playing hard, getting messy and generally being all sorts of naughty; I have finally been rewarded. I have a shiny, sexy new little pet. She is fucking hot and her body is amazing. She has lots to learn, and boy I just can’t wait to teach her. Mistress Natali is feeling very sexy and excited indeed.

Natali Spanking

We have been getting hot and heavy exploring each other’s bodies and I can’t wait to show you what we have been getting up to in our play time together. We are so attracted to each we just let our imagination run wild … we did need a script to follow as the passion was tangible in the air. I love the way her skin felt, i just could stop grabbing her and spanking her, i just let myself get carried away. I am a huge fan of girl on girl shoots and I know you lovely lot are too, so to finally get the opportunity to do lesbian video really got me hot under the collar. 

If you’d like to meet her while not check out one of the first lesson I gave her HERE. This is the one where I teach how to deep throat like and pro in preparation for her taking the lead on a blow job I do late which you can check out HERE (full cum shoot and everything!) and that’s just the beginning of our time together, I get wet just thinking about her hands and her lips.

 Natali Deep throat

If you want to get a good glimpse of both of us getting all hot and wet you can always look at me spanking her to teach her a good lesson HERE. I love the way her sweet ass feels in my hands and so excited for our next session together. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. 

If you want to watch us go all the way (if you know what I mean) I won’t disappoint you, you can go watch the preview of me going down on her on my ManyVids channel too, here the direct LINK to the video: 

 Naughty Natali and her pet

Don’t forget you can sign up for just $10 a month and get access to all my video on ManyVids. I love you all so much for supporting me and every time you do I get closer to longer, harder, better quality videos and even closer to achieving my perfect body. You support means so much to me! 

Natali xxx