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Posts from 2020-06-21

Huge Vomit 2! - EXTREME VIDEO

This video was filmed as a sequel to So drunk (the banned video not available in any of my stores). Its Damned nasty, with a great deal of dildo throat ramming and vomiting, upsite down vommiting, vomit on my hair face an body. Its absolutely fucking nasty! Hope you love it!


Get my video "Huge Vomit 2! - EXTREME VIDEO" in 4k and 8K exclusively with my bondara and amazon vouchers or wishlist. Send vouchers of a least £75 or $100 to [email protected] or buy me a gift in that value. Don't forget to put your email or twitter user name on the note and the word "Huge Vomit 2! - EXTREME VIDEO".Buy one get both! When you order this video you get both the 4k and 8k, and just to help out here are some screens of the nasty in this video!

 It was filmed using interpolation, which i regret as its made a few bits blocky and i cant get it out! But mostly its really clear and stupid filthy.