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Posts from 2020-11-30



This video was originally made for someone for Oktoberfest and i sbanned on all my platforms :( just because i have a few drinks in it. Well in this video i hit some beer and tequlia, and go for a walk, drunkenly stammering accross a field on a public foorpath i stop and agressivelly masturbate with a glass dildo, if i look nervous its because there were allot of people walkign through the tree line!

You can get this in 1080p, 4k and 8k by sending Get my video BANNED VIDEO - OKTOBERFEST in 8K exclusively with amazon vouchers or grabbing me an item off my wishlist wishlist. Send vouchers of a least £45 or $50 to [email protected] or buy me a gift in that value. Don't forget to put your email or twitter user name on the note and the word "bannedoctober".