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Posts from 2016-11-24

My first Bukakke Shoot.

It has begun. The count down. In just 8 short, sweet days I will be shooting my first Bukakke shoot… Oh yes you heard me: Bukakke. I aim to please and so far, I have 8 men signed up, ready and waiting. I can’t wait. I’m so hot just thinking about it. I’m getting a little excited. We are currently raising money on ELM!

For those that need a little info on Bukakke it is a very sexy event, where a group of men ejaculate onto one women. In fact, the more the merrier, let’s just say if you like cum, you’re going to love this sticky, white party.

So, my lovelies if you are just as excited as me head over to Here you can contribute and help make the production possible. Plus, anyone who contributes to the campaign will get a copy of the video for free! Yes, free. You can see my Bukakke adventure for yourself, for free, first, all you need to do, is donate. I can’t wait to share this with you, my sexy fans.

It will be available to non-donators for $40.00 when completed, so don’t worry no one will miss out on this sexy adventure, (or it will also be available to any of my manyvids fan club members for free).

The video will be filmed in 1080P HD. That is unless somebody feels like contributing the 4k camera from my wish list ;) (wink wink) in which case it will be filmed in 4k! Which would be pretty, damn cool.

I can promise this video will be different from my other video productions. I am hiring a special set (trust me you will just love it), I will have several photographers covering lots of angles of playtime and a fluffer (so everyone will be hard and ready). This is my first step into the big-time porn. Be ready. Its going to hot. I promise. xxx