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Posts from 2019-05-29

Cambunny- The site dedicated to my Freaks

First ever


You may noticed that I have been banned from CB for 3 days... again. After I reported the abuse, fake reports that some of the greys were giving me and even I did not breake the rules but I did get punished.

You can imagine that really upset me as a model that almost exclusively work on CB for years.

So my close friend and loyal moderator HDDVDXXX ( you may noticed him in my room)

came up with a project called CAMBUNNY. A platform where models could be free with a decent support and rewards for everyone.

This project is still in early stages but I can now stream and chat with you on the whole new platform. We ran the cam test last week and it was amazing. Place where I can smack as hard as I want, use hot wax on my body, tie my tits tighter than ever... So exciting so free and so much fun .

I would like to make it my regular show on Wednesdays – Natali Uncensored! Every week day full of bdsm and kink. For all of us that enjoy the heat and like to test the boundaries. There is a way to get free tokens and pay by crypto currency.. so no excuse to be grey anymore ;)

If you know about models like me that enjoy a rough play or were banned from platforms let them know about this Cambunny project. It is still beta but it's already more exciting than most of the sites up there.

I hope I will see yo the on Wednesdays my sexy freaks xxx