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Posts from 2020-05-11

Fucked in the wrong way, Every may :(


Well its may again! So after i upgraded my PC (thanks to a Ryzen 9 CPU from Super and a GeForce RTX 2070 from HD), I was pumped to finally get back to broadcasting in 2K, woop, woop. To discover while offline, i had again been banned from chaturbate.  This happened last May (checked my blog), so its may again!

I am very particular about following rules, so i am 99.9% certain i haven’t broken any. I dont promote competing sites in my feed. I have no links to my ManyVids, so i have emailed Chaturbate and i hope we are back on there soon. Of course i have gone to plan B Cambunny and MFC but i have always spent most of my time on chaturbate, with 100k followers its my mainstream site! Cambunny is my GET WRECKED site.

I am a little worried, its not like i can get another job during the world being closed down so please look at my stores and support the crap out of me!

We are pretty sure, the ban is the result of false reports from the guy who has been abusing me so much over the last year i was forced to permanently silence greys. I really wish there was something i could do about his abuse. 

Well its been a day and a half since i emailed chaturbate, they haven’t replied yet, but its the weekend, VE day, mothers day etc, so im going to be patient, if i dont hear from them by tomorrow i will contact them again. 

In the mean time please come abuse me on Cambunny. get 50 free tokens on signup. You can also buy 30 minute Cambunny takeovers on iwantclips and manyvids. 

See you on the dirty side people!

(Inside my new baby, Thanks Super and HD!)