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Posts from 2020-06-01

Slut Trek Season 1!

Slut Trek – Pilot Series

Due to quarantine restrictions it’s exceptionally hard to find people to work with, and of course everyone’s safety comes first.

So my first season of Slut trek will still be super sexy and will consist of me searching for my missing crew. Being immobilised on a planet, transported to a sick bay where a number of cruel sexual experiments using toys and machines are conducted.

I almost have everything needed – I’m just looking for a massage table and a colour changing light to construct my medic bay tests!

Plus of course any fucking machines you would like to see in the series. Will be greatly received!

In the first episode I would like to be strapped to the bed, with the domi attached to me and then switched on and run until the battery dies!

The second episode I want to be a fucking machine endurance session, so please check my wish list and help prop up the episode! (And remember if there is a specific toy you would like to see me use in Slut Trek or on a show, send it to me on twitter and I will add it to my wish list must be

Any Czech or Slovakian camgirls who would like to be on Slut Trek, follow me, reply, DM to let me know. I would love to have some serious girl on girl presence and we can arrange something!

Remember this will be one of the first ever 8k porn series so let’s make it epic. ..