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Anyway Hi my sexy, naughty people xx

Today I like to share some fun experiences from my free cam shows on Chaturbate as it is some crazy stuff worth sharing. I started Chaturbate regularly like 3 months ago and it was not easy really. It is hard to get recognized without followers and hard to make some living.  But now I have over 11 000 followers, hundreds of people in my room and being as naughty as I can. Thanks to me attitude, dirty mind and sexy skills I have my regular fans and more and more people are watching me. Warning sessions with me are highly addictive! :D I love when my fans pushing me over my limits, I love that they want to see what a dirty slut I am and when theY are being creative and filthy. 

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So one night guy called Charlie Brown came to my room. He proposed a game that I could not refuse to play. He pays for every orgasm I get and if I squirt he double it. He encouraged people in the room to play with him :) it was a challenge and so much fucking fun ...  He said, " one of us have to win either I run out of tokens or you pass out!" Well and because I am a crazy bitch I kept going... Squirted, fucked different toys, keep fucking as long they tipping.. break only for a drink and again... for hours. I had around 36 orgasms (no one is sure really lol) and one destroyed pussy. He loved it, the room loved it and I was at the point of passing out and not being able to walk properly :) and that was the day the game Charlie Brown was born. ( btw my record is 46 orgasms per night, dare to break the record)

My sessions went really dirty and I enjoy the little slut in me. Lots of my fans enjoy seeing me suck and deep throat dildo as I am very sloppy and my tits get covered in my saliva. Face fucked got real when they propose to hang my head from my sofa and let the spit dribble all over my face ( I love the look so messy). Another sexy dirty show that you can see in my room is squirt. I have days when I spray like crazy and I cannot get enough of it. To make it dirtier and more fun I get on my back put my legs in the air and fuck myself until I soak the whole body and face... I have it in my eyes, hair even mouth ( are you hard yet? lol) And because I am a good whore I go on my four and start licking the floor covered in squirt.

Well, I hope that you like what you read and you will come to visit me soon on my Chaturbate free cam show :)

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My upcoming B-day show 02.09.2016 on Chaturbate

I am so excited for my B-day show guys:) It's going to be wild, crazy, messy , dirty just thinking about it makes me wet. And as a B-day girl I should get some nice naughty gifts from you so the show could be even more exciting. I really need new toys and clothes (also videogames lol) to make the best show that I can. Everyone has different preferences what they want to see, so if you buy me gift that you like me to use you will not regret it plus I will make video for you xx The first Friday in September at 10pm GMT come to see me on Chaturbate xxx

Love you guys, Thank you for your support and See you soon xxx